Dominic Sherwood

Actor, model

Dominic Sherwood height Weight Measurements

Full Name:Dominic Anthony Sherwood

Nick Name:Dom


Bornplace:Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

Date of Birth:February 6, 1990

Age:27 as of 2017

Zodiac Signs:Aquarius


Religion:His religious beliefs are not known.

Height:5 ft 11 in or 180 cm

Weight:82 kg or 181 pounds

Hair Color:Light Brown

Eye Color:His left eye is half brown-half blue, while his right eye is blue.

Measurements:Dominic Sherwood’s body specifications may be –

Shoe Size:His shoe size is unknown., all about celebrities.

Distinctive Features:

  • Tattoo on right under wrist
  • Different colored eyes

Sexual Orientation:Straight


  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown

Best Known For:Playing Christian Ozera in the 2014 satirical fantasy horror film Vampire Academy.

Education:Dominic attended Oakwood Park Grammar in Maidstone., all about celebrities.

Dominic Sherwood Favorites:

  • Shadowhunters Weapon: Jace’s razor sharp wit
  • Thing to do on sets: Going for adventures
  • Supernatural Creature: Angel
  • City: London

Do You Know These Facts:

  1. After studying acting in England, he relocated to Kenya for work for about 6 months.
  2. He has heterochromia, meaning, he has different colored eyes.
  3. He smokes cigarettes.
  4. In 2015, Dom appeared in Taylor Swift‘s music video of “Style” as her love interest.
  5. In his teen years, in 2008, Dominic started a band with his friends called “Tamarin Sky.” He has also done songwriting.
  6. Dominic is obsessed with “Friends” television show.
  7. He has a tattoo of “Lion King” on the inside of his left leg. Though, he has numerous tattoos on his body.
  8. He is afraid of dummies.
  9. He loves riding scooters.
  10. He had a crush on Taylor Swift.
  11. Dom once had a pet duck named, Daffy.
  12. Dominic says that his secret guilty pleasure is that he is a big fan of squirrels.
  13. If he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, he would like to have it with singer Elvis Presley.
  14. Crab on a Kenyan beach is one of the best foods, he has ever eaten.
  15. If he could be a superhero for a day, he would like to become Superman.
  16. He is very sarcastic in nature.
  17. He has a pet dog named, Rowdy.
  18. He is little bit OCD as far as his bathing is concerned. He shampoos his hair, then washes his face in a particular way, then he washes all that off, then he conditions his hair and at last washes his body. If he does any step wrong, he starts all over.
  19. He self proclaimed that he was the funniest person in the Shadowhunters cast.
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